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December 16-17 - All-staff December meeting

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  • In the month of July MSL served 12 clients.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • 1 new client in June:
    Danu Performance Solutions, LLC.

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Mission Stories

Real comments and stories from the real impact we’re making!

A note from Patton

We really enjoyed working with you again! It was a pleasure! Thank you for the careful and detailed report


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1. Lack of a documented environmental suicide risk assessment scored at EC.02.02.01 EP 1.
2. Specific ligature/self harm issues scored at NPSG.15.01.01 EP 1
3. Issues with visible features of fire protection in business occupancies scored at EC.02.03.01 EP 1. (Do not use LS chapter in business occupancies.)Illumination will be updated accordingly ASAP.

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Announcing the launch of our new podcast
“Compliance for the Sake of the Patient!”

The new MSL podcast will give more exposure to our brand and expertise. Our team believes strongly that all members of the healthcare community can work together to one day eliminate preventable errors in our healthcare environments. This podcast is dedicated to bringing awareness to the issue and to putting a face on the problem. We’ll be covering topics that we believe will be relevant and interesting to our target audiences, and we will be inviting guests to join us when it’s appropriate. Please listen in and help us come up with topics that are relevant to our efforts.

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A reminder from Premier

Premier wants to remind all consultants to use past tense in all of their reports. Please remember this request when conducting your next Premier mock survey.

A note about dress code

We would like to provide information regarding the MSL dress code policy when at professional conferences and/or at client locations. We did discuss this topic at the December meeting, but we are adding more clarification. Please follow the guidelines as described below. If you have questions, please contact Sue or Jan.

MSL Dress Code Policy

1. MSL logo apparel will be worn at professional conferences unless the employee will be speaking, when professional attire is appropriate.

2. For Life Safety Assessments, MSL logo apparel will be worn. It is acceptable to be more casual than during a mock survey.

3. For mock surveys with a partner, MSL logo apparel shall NOT be worn. Business attire is preferred, such as a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants.

4. For mock surveys through MSL direct clients, MSL logo apparel shall NOT be worn. Business attire is preferred, such as a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants.

5. For routine client visits, MSL logo apparel will be worn. It is acceptable to be more casual than during a mock survey.

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out the MSL Newsletter

Staring in July we began sending a monthly newsletter to our existing clients. The newsletter is called “Safer Today” and will give our clients a quick way to keep up with trends and news in the industry as well as learn a little more about our team.

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Please remember to get a new version of Illumination every time you do a mock survey. We have had some updates added lately that need to be reflected on the reports.


When adding pictures to your reports, please remember to follow these guidelines for the photo captions:

1. The format is ROOM/LOCATION: ISSUE. For example, Main Corridor: Obstructed egress or ATS Room: Open junction box or Central Sterile Decontamination Room: Dirty sprinkler head.

2. PLEASE do not include the entire finding verbiage as the picture caption. There is not much room for lengthy explanations in the picture caption. There is room for about 60 characters and then it cuts off.

3. PLEASE do not refer to the numbered list of your finding in the caption. For reference purposes, the location should be included in your finding AND the picture caption.

4. If you would like to see some examples of photo reports, please let Jan know.

Many of you have been including pictures lately, which is very good. One of our partners commented lately that the pictures are very valuable to our clients. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Welcome to the client-facing portion of Illumination!

Safety is just a click away.…

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Part of the MSL commitment to an uncommon pursuit of healthcare safety is the development of new tools and technologies like MSL Spotlight, our new safety management platform.

- A secure view of your assessments on your mobile

- Track trends and analytics in your scores

- Communicate securely with MSL consultants