In the last 24 hours, 12 patients died as a result of a hospital acquired illness that was directly related to construction or maintenance activities. These 12 people, like the hundreds of others who died today from a preventable error, were in a hospital environment to heal, and lost their life instead. Our mission does not overlook the ongoing and necessary maintenance of healthcare facilities. We are the go-to team with the skills and knowledge to help you deal with these issues in a way that keeps people safe and allows them to heal. Led by a Certified Healthcare Constructor, our services include:

• Infection Control and Construction Risk Assessment

• Infection Control and Constructions Risk Mitigation Planning

• Infection Control Risk Mitigation Policies and Procedures Development

• Customized Training for Maintenance, Construction and Other Healthcare Professionals

• The Pathogens and their Pathway to the Patients

• How to Recognize At-Risk Patient Populations

• Strategies for Minimizing Risks

• Tools and Techniques to Monitor the Effectiveness of Mitigation Efforts