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Happy Birthday!

February 12 - Wayne Klingelsmith
March 2 - Jan Hunt

MSL Vitals

  • In the month of January MSL served 23 clients.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • New clients signed:
    - Parkview Health System
    - Long Island Healthcare Life Safety Association
    - SCM Architects working with University of Arkansas for Medical Services

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Mission Stories

Real comments and stories from the real impact we’re making!

A note from Patton Healthcare Consulting:
I did get feedback from Colleen at Berkshire and she was complimentary of the entire team.  I know their mock had to be a bit painful for them.   I have read all of the findings! I thought it was important to send on to you.  I also wanted to thank you for being part of the team and helping them identify their many risk points. I thought they were thorough and professional. We appreciated their insights. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you

A message from NYU Winthrop-Engineering/Compliance Consultant
After your mock survey here at NYU Winthrop Hospital I was extremely impressed with your process, breadth of overall knowledge in all aspects of each field be it Life Safety, EOC or EM. I have worked in hospitals for over 30 years and  It was one of the rare mock surveys I have participated in that I thought we received true value, great assessment and important feedback on your observations. I wish you many more years of health and hopefully you continue providing great insight to all your clients. I hope to see you back here next year.

A note from another MSL client
MSL is the classiest, most  professional, and smartest group of engineers I’ve worked with.  That comes from good leadership!


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Thanks so much for getting set up with slack! It will be a learning curve, but this will be a great thing for our communication and our security.

Slack Help:
Inside our slack group, there is a channel called #slackhelp. Feel free to drop any questions you have in that channel, and John Mitchell will help you there.

Success Stories:
There is also a channel called #successstories. We want to fill this channel with good comments from clients and success stories. Anything you may have in your email or notes that fits that description, go ahead and copy and paste it there.

Jan will begin communicating to everyone about scheduling through Slack and not through email starting in February. Please stay connected to Slack regularly so you don’t miss your communications.


Please remember to get a new version of Illumination every time you do a mock survey. We have had some updates added lately that need to be reflected on the reports.

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Please plan to join us via Google Hangout on 2/15 at 2:00 pm CST. This will be our goodbye to Erika as well as a chance to talk through business items.